Turbo Assembler 3.0. Руководство пользователя

Soap 2 day              

Code or data emission to undeclared segment

Code or data emission to undeclared segment
Constant assumed to mean Immediate const
Constant too large
CS not correctly assumed
CS override in protected mode
CS unreachable from current segment

Declaration needs name
Directive ignored in Turbo Pascal model
Directive not allowed inside structure definition
Duplicate dummy arguments:_
ELSE or ENDIF without IF

Expecting METHOD keyword
Expecting offset quantity
Expecting offset or pointer quantity
Expecting pointer type
Expecting record field name

Expecting register ID
Expecting scalar type
Expecting segment or group quantity
Extra characters on line
Forward reference needs override
Global type doesn't match symbol type
ID not member of structure
Illegal forward reference
Illegal immediate
Illegal indexing mode

Illegal instruction
Illegal instruction for currently selected processor(s)
Illegal local argument
Illegal local symbol prefix
Illegal mаcro argument
Illegal memory reference
Illegal number
Illegal origin address
Illegal override in structure
Illegal override register

Illegal radix
Illegal register for instruction
Illegal register multiplier
Illegal segment address
Illegal use of constant
Illegal use of register
Illegal use of segment register
Illegal USES register
Illegal version ID
Illegal warning ID

Instruction can be compacted with override
Invalid model type
Invalid operand(s) to instruction
Labels can't start with numeric characters
Line too long - truncated
Location counter overflow
Method call requires object name
Missing argument list
Missing argument or
Missing argument size variable

Missing COMM ID
Missing dummy argument
Missing end quote
Missing macro ID
Missing module name
Missing or illegal language ID
Missing or illegal type specifier
Missing table member ID
Missing term in list
Missing text macro

Model must be specified first
Module is pass-dependant - compatibility pass was done
Name must come first
Near jump or call to different CS
Need address or register
Need angle brackets for structure fill
Need colon
Need expression
Need file name after INCLUDE
Need left parenthesis

Need method name
Need pointer expression
Need quoted string
Need register in expression
Need right angle bracket
Need right curly bracket
Need right parenthesis
Need right square bracket
Need stack argument
Need structure member name

Not expecting group or segment quantity
One non-null field allowed per union expansion
Only one startup sequence allowed
Open conditional
Open procedure
Open segment
Open structure definition
Operand types do not match
Operation illegal for static table member
Pass-dependant construction encountered

Pointer expression needs brackets
Positive count expecting
Record field too large
Record member not found
Recursive definition not allowed for EQU
Register must be AL or AX
Register must be DX
Relative jump out of range by __ bytes
Relative quantity illegal
Reserved word used as symbol

Rotate count must be constant or CL
Rotate count out of range
Segment alignment not strict enough
Segment attributes illegally redefined
Segment name is superfluous
String too long
Symbol already defined:__
Symbol already different kind
Symbol has no width or mask
Symbol is not a segment or already part of a group

Text macro expansion exceeds maximum line length
Too few operands to instruction
Too many errors or warnings
Too many initial values
Too many register multipliers in expression
Too many registers in expression
Too many USES registers
Trailling null value assumed
Undefined symbol
Unexpected end of file (no END directive)

Unknown character
Unmatched ENDP:_
Unmatched ENDS:_
User-generated error
Value out of range
Сообщения о фатальных ошибках -----------------------------------------------------------------
Bad switch
Can't find @file __
Сan't locate file __
Error writing to listing file

Error writing to object file
File not found
File was changed or deleted while assembly in progress
Insufficient memory to process command line
Internal error
Invalid command line
Invalid number after _
Out of hash space
Out of memory
Out of string space

Too many errors found
Unexpected end of file (no END directive)
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